'lily' collection

sterling silver bangle
and 18ct gold / sterling silver pendant

sterling silver pendant and sterling silver bracelet

sterling silver 3-piece pendant
and 18ct gold / sterling silver large earrings

sterling silver 3-piece pendant
sterling silver 'lily' neckpiece
Also available in this range is a series of pieces that feature an exquisite aray of precious and semi-precious stones. Emeralds, rubies, saphhires and tourmalines are all incorporated, lending the pieces an eye-catching flash of depth and colour. This range of work can be viewed at e.g.etal, Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

florilegium collection

Joseph Banks’ Florilegium

A Flowering of Science: Plants from Captain Cook’s First Voyage

At the age of 25, Joseph Banks (1743-1820) accompanied Captain Cook on the Endeavour, in 1768, to Tahiti to chart the transit of Venus. The expedition was commissioned by the Royal Society and funded by King George III. Its secondary mission was to classify species and collect specimens of flora and fauna during their encounters with new territories along the way. 3,607 plant specimens were identified and 30,828 specimens collected. Over 1,400 of these have been calculated by contemporary scholars to have been entirely new. On their return, Banks over saw a team of 25 master engravers who produced copper plates to stand testimony to the collection. Prints from at least 743 of these magnificent engravings constitute Banks’ Florilegium.

The images represented in this sequence of pendants and brooches are inspired by the collection of Australian specimens in the Florilegium. This connection with Banks’ work is established by the specimen name and number which is engraved on the back of each piece.

wedding bands

Plain wedding bands in 18ct yellow and 18ct white gold

18ct yellow wedding band with pink tourmaline
18ct white gold wedding band with emerald

This neckpiece appeared on Michi Girl last week. Thanks again Michi Girl!

18ct yellow gold and sterling silver 'lily' neckpiece as featured on the e.g.etal website.